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             Mike Hailwood® MBE GM

Welcome to the DHMCE web site where you can find all products and services relating to David and Mike Hailwood.

From T shirts to posters, stickers to the amazing Mike Hailwood Tribute Exhibit. Whether a big historic motor show or an after-dinner talk for your motorcycle club, we can tailor and exhibit to amaze and fascinate your guests.

Bikes, cars, trophies, personal memorabilia, slideshows and films as well as guest speakers, all hosted by Mike's son, David Hailwood.

Have a look at this clip to find out more about the Exhibit; https://vimeo.com/127503644 

Also, Dave is available for Event hosting, Charity fund raising, Track days, ride outs, bike meetings, Trials events, TV programs, Trials and Off road, or round the world adventures, just about anything motorbikes. So if you need Dave for your event, don't hesitate to get in touch and check out our photos to see what we have to offer.

So, for more information or to make a booking please see our contact page or check out the Official Mike Hailwood website,